Abby and I had the opportunity to meet with her teacher this morning. We checked out the classroom and Abby was impressed with having a desk of her own (last year they sat at tables). Her teacher seems nice and I think Abby will do well in her class. Abby is a rule follower and this teacher seems very rule oriented. Mckenzie had her four year old well child visit today. The new pediatrician is phenomenal!!!! We finally received the authorization to go off base for civilian care and I am so happy. The difference in care was unbelievable. To go from docs on base that don't seem to enjoy or care about their job to one that genuinely cares about what he does is fantastic. Mckenzie was a little hesitant at first, but once the doc started talking about Mckenzie's cool new shoes, it was all good :) Well, until it was time for her vaccinations. Then it went downhill and fast. She was so upset that she didn't stop crying until we were home and even then she was not happy.

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