Mckenzie's school held it's Open House today for the students. I love the idea that the kids get to bring Mom or Dad with them to check out the classroom. I think it really helps with some of those first day of school jitters. Mckenzie got to decorate her basket for her goodies (lots of ribbons this year!), she did a couple of craft projects and had a snack with her friends. She is very comfortable with her teachers and classmates this year.

Abby had an eye appointment this afternoon so I had to pick her up from school a little early. I had to laugh because when she came down the hallway to leave, she didn't have her backpack nor her jacket. Not sure what she was thinking! It was a pretty busy day for her since she had hip hop today too! She loved class and was excited to show me some new moves she is learning.

I had a meeting tonight for Mckenzie's school. A few things have changed and there was a need for another board member. So, I am now the co-chair of the preschool board. Not exactly what I wanted to do, but since I have served before, it made sense. Let's hope for a smooth school year!
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I asked Mckenzie why she put her hands up when I snapped the photo. She told me she was holding up her school. Silly girl!

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