Apple Picking 265/366

Mckenzie had a field trip for school today. Scott and I got to go apple picking with her. It was such a fun morning. Mckenzie really seems to enjoy her preschool friends and doesn't appear to need us when she is around them. I know someday that will make me sad, but she is a bit on the cautious side so it is nice to see her blossoming :) She didn't even sit next to Scott and I on the wagon ride out to the apple orchard. Instead she squeezed herself in between her friends. It was entertaining to watch her pick out the apples. She picked out a couple that were so tiny I am betting you can only get a bite off of them and then she picked some huge ones that took all her strength to yank free from the trees. Mckenzie was not at all happy with how long and thick the grass was in the orchard and she kept asking us to carry her around. An apple cider donut and running around with friends finished off the field trip. It was a great outing!

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