Movie Night 248/366

I wanted to have one last get together for Abby and her friends before the school year started so we decided to have a movie night. What a great night! It was crazy for sure, but I had a couple of the other moms stay with me to help. (Scott was supposed to be home, but his co-pilots both got sick and he couldn't make it back in time). We had pizza and then watched the Lorax. Mckenzie and another little girl lost interest in the movie so they ended upstairs playing, but the rest of them really seemed to enjoy the movie and the snacks. One of Abby's friends complained to me that her tummy was hurting. Turns out she ate EIGHT cookies! Oh my goodness! Luckily a rest on the couch settled her down. Abby loved having all her friends over and it was a great way to say goodbye to the summer.
138 movie time

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