First Day of Soccer 252/366

The girls started soccer today. Abby has already had practice, but today was her first game. Mckenzie is in the instructional league which means they practice and scrimmage on the same day. Mckenzie really struggled and didn't want to play. She was OK while they were doing the drills, but once the scrimmage started, she got so upset about not getting the ball that she didn't want to play. She kept coming over to me and crying. Most of her team was having trouble and at one point, there was one girl from her team on the field against the entire other team. Hopefully, future games will be better. Funny thing is, when the game was over, Mckenzie told me she liked it! I sure couldn't tell by the way she acted!

Abby just loved playing today even though her team lost by a landslide! I don't even think she realized how badly they lost, she just had a blast running around the field, trying to get the ball. Hopefully, next time her team will understand you have to try to score against the other goalie and not your own :-)

005 mckenzie soccer003 Abby first day of soccer

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