33 Weeks!

I can't believe we are already 33 weeks. Where has the time gone?! I am getting so excited to meet our little boy, but sad at the same time to know this will be the last time I feel a baby grow inside. I will miss those kicks and hiccups and rolls. But, I look forward to seeing the smiles and all the firsts of our little boy. Those are more precious than anything in this world. Scott got home from his short trip in the middle of the night. Poor guy thought he would be able to come home, crawl into bed and peacefully drift off to sleep. Too bad for him my nesting is getting a little crazy and I probably went overboard on how we don't have anything ready for this baby. Sorry babe! Anyway, I took care of that craziness today and ventured out to the stores with my friend to get some baby gear. Scott would have come with, but Mckenzie is running a fever again :( It's hard to tell when she has a fever because it never seems to slow her down for long.
014 33 weeks

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