What a day! Scott came home around lunchtime which is really unusual for a weekday. He walked in and said "My friend decided to come over a little early. Is it ok if my friend comes in?" (earlier in the week he told me he had a friend coming over Friday night) I said in a funny voice "Suuuure, your friend can come in." not believing he had a friend over at all and was just trying to pull one over on me. Scott said "You can come in" to his 'supposed' friend and again, I mockingly said "Yea, come on it." Well, wouldn't you know it, but he really did have someone come over. When I looked up from what I was doing, there was Sheri standing in front of me. I couldn't believe it one bit. I was utterly shocked and speechless and full of tears! What a wonderful surprise! Turns out, Sheri had messaged one of my friends on facebook asking if anyone was hosting a baby shower for me. She just so happened to ask Dee, who is throwing one for me this weekend. So, Sheri decided to surprise me with a visit and got Scott and Dee in on the plan. Unbelievable!

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