Bye Bye Christmas. Hello New Year!

We spent the day putting away Christmas decorations and organizing the house. We turned our living room into a playroom for the girls in order to get ready for the baby. Our old playroom also served as our guest room and if we are going to be having company after the baby arrives, we need someplace for them to hang their hat in peace and quiet. I'm pretty sure no one wants to be tripping over dolls and cars! Scott organized our bedroom to make room for the baby and now it is just up to me to organize all the closets before the baby makes his appearance. With our move coming up this summer, I need to get things in shape before there are three little people running around the house! I didn't even pick up my camera today, which disappoints me because I really wanted to make taking a daily photograph a goal of mine for the year. Maybe I will just start my year tomorrow :)

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