Hershey, PA

006 mckenzie Abby We drove to Hershey,PA for an overnight visit. We did a little shopping at the outlets and found a super cute coming home outfit for Baby Riley :) I am so excited to see him in it!!!! The girls got to pick out a stuffed animal at the Disney store. Abby picked out Dory from Finding Nemo and Mckenzie, chose a horse that she named Saltpepper. After dinner, we took the girls swimming in the hotel pool. Mckenzie was having a great time but she swallowed a little too much water and ended up throwing up. Scott managed to get her out of the water before too much got in the pool, but nonetheless, our visit to the pool was cut short! I felt bad for both girls because they were having so much fun and neither one wanted to leave :(
012 Abby016 mckenzie

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