I have started to get a little worried about how we are going to get everything done before the baby arrives. I cleaned out a cabinet that was loaded with photographs from when the girls were little. So now, it is my mission to get every single photo put into a photo album before the baby comes. Unfortunately, some of the photos don't have writing on the backs so I am having to try to remember when they were taken. I also realized that I haven't printed photos since we first moved to NJ so I am wondering if I will have time to sort through all those and get them organized as well.
Abby wasn't feeling well this morning so I kept her home from school. She seemed fine by mid morning so I am hoping she will be able to go back tomorrow.


  1. Just get those shoebox organizers for photos, plop hem in with a few index cards and done!

    1. That's a great idea. It has to much less time consuming than putting them in albums!