We woke up to a little bit of snow so after breakfast we took the girls outside to play. They were so happy to finally play in the snow. The snow was dry so the girls made snow angels instead of a snowman (there wouldn't have been enough for a snowman anyway). Dakota enjoyed running around in the snow too! It was a beautiful sight to wake up to!

The girls and Scott were looking through photo albums from when we were first married. Abby looked at a picture of me and said "You don't look that young any more!" I guess we are getting older!
Woke up to a little bit of snow

048 branches

042 Mckenzie snow angel

040 Abby snow angel




  1. I love the black and white branches. What great timing on the branch with the drops—very cool! I like your (low contrast?) processing on the snow angel pictures. I've been trying that out a little, but I'm never confident with my processing when I do. Yours look great!

    1. Thanks :) You should have seen all the pics I had to take to get one with a drop! With the snow angel pics, I used a gradient map, clicked reverse, changed the color to purple and used luminosity around 40%. I use PSE 9. Not sure what you use, but that is what works for me. Also, if it looks too washed out after I have done that, I sometimes add contrast back. Honestly, I'm never sure if others like them, I just know I am happy (usually) with them when I am done.