I was in Mckenzie's class again this morning. She just loves to be the leader. She tells her teachers over and over again she is the leader, as though they may forget during the short 2.5 hour class :) Abby went to school today and was very disappointed with how much homework she had to do when she got home.
I had the opportunity to play around with some Lensbaby lenses tonight. It was a lot of fun and they were a lot harder to use than I had anticipated. But, fun nonetheless. 001007012 lensbaby021043 selfie lensbaby


  1. With SOME? Which ones? I really, really want one :)

    1. Laurie, I used the Composer Pro and the Muse. The Muse was hard but fun. I think it would be a fun challenge to master. The two optics I played around with were the Sweet 35 and the Edge 80. I want one someday, but there are a few other regular lenses I need to get first.