Happy Independence Day! It is such an honor to live in the US where the freedoms we have been given are phenomenal. Thank you to everyone who has fought for this great nation!

We started our day with some patriotic pancakes. The girls were a bit hesitant at first to eat colored pancakes, but devoured them once they realized they tasted no different than the normal cakes. Abby said her favorite was blue and Mckenzie loved all of them.

The Schmidts came to visit us. We had a great time! The kids swam and played on the slip n slide for hours. When it got dark, the kids went on a firefly hunt. Abby didn't want to catch them at first, thinking they would bite her, but she eventually realized they were safe. Mckenzie worked on finding food to put in the bug jar. I think for every firefly we put into our jar, two flew out! The kids all crammed into Abby's room for the night and settled down pretty quickly. (big surprise here. I thought it would take forever to get them to fall asleep. Glad to be wrong on this one!) We broke out our traditional game of Trivial Pursuit and played boys vs girls. We have never finished a game and tonight was no different. We called it quits after Chris left the game to snuggle on the floor with their dog and I could hardly keep my eyes open. We girls were winning 5 pies to 3. I think that is the closest we have ever come to finishing a game. Although I think at this point it would seem wrong to actually end a game. Maybe someday when we are living in our retirement village we can finally see who wins :)

015 patriotic pancakes

Watching Michael on the slip n slide
017 Mckenzie Abby Julia b&w

My cookie cake that got a little over cooked. I always forget our oven bakes hotter.
025 Cookie cake

Looking for fireflies.
028 Abby Michael firefly hunt

Giving the fireflies some food

031 Mckenzie

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