Today was our "Sweet and Sassy" adventure. I took the girls to get haircuts, manicures and makeup. We met our friends there and the girls had so much fun! The girls were full of giggles and smiles. Mckenzie was the most patient of all. She was the last one to get her hair done and the entire time she waited with a patient smile on her face. Not a single complaint! I always think of her as my baby, but when she does things like she did today, I realize how fast she really is growing up :(

Since the girls were so fancy, I took them to lunch at their favorite restaurant. We got a few looks, but you can't blame people. I am sure it isn't everyday they see a three year old wearing hot pink eye shadow!

Mckenzie had a birthday party for one of her friends this afternoon.  She rode with a friend as I had to take Abby and her friend to dance.  It sounds like Mckenzie had a great time. Abby, on the other hand, was disappointed because she didn't get to go and eat cake.

Sorry this is blurry :(
Sweet n sassy

Sweet n sassy!

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