We got to hang out with our friends a little bit this morning before they had to get home. Well, their temporary home that is. We had a great visit and I am so glad we got the chance to spend some time with them. Since I have the all clear to start running this coming week, we went to a running store so I could get a new pair running shoes. We stopped for lunch at a pizza place before going there and I think that was a mistake. Running in shoes to test them out after eating a huge slice of pizza is not very fun! But, I found a great pair and I can't wait to put them to good use!

Scott and the girls went bowling this afternoon. We are doing the Kids Bowl Free program again this year. Each child can bowl two games every day of the summer if they want to. The girls enjoy going and I think it is a great Daddy-Daughter activity :)

Playing on the iPad this morning.
036 Riley Schmidt

It is hard to get all of them to look and or smile at the same time!
049 Schmidt Riley kids

And even harder to get the dogs to cooperate. CJ was good, but Dakota doesn't like to sit still very long. And she was so excited to play with another dog that it was hard for her to look towards the camera! She just wanted to run and play with CJ. CJ, being the older dog she is, preferred to avoid Dakota and her youthful antics! 052 CJ Dakota

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