After a long night of rain and no leaks in the tent (yippee!!!), we finally had some sunshine! After breakfast, we headed out on a hike with our friends. It was so beautiful and the kids really enjoyed all the creatures they found in the woods. Crazy to think that Abby was willing to put an inchworm in her hand, but she freaks out of bugs when we play in the backyard! We saw waterfalls and some gorgeous scenery and we ended up hiking 4 miles. The girls did well with all the walking and Abby only started to complain at the very end. (Turns out her shoes are too small! Oops. My bad!) After a picnic lunch, we took the kids back to the river to splash around for a little bit before heading back to camp. I have to say today was out of the norm for us. Typically, Scott and I would be encouraging the kids to hurry up, not touch anything, and stay right next to us. The stay next to us didn't change too much since there were some steep drop offs along the way, but otherwise, we loosened up a bit! We let the girls explore the woods and the river without too much interference. Kind of a nice change I might add! I almost forgot to mention that once we finished our hike, we stopped back at the car. Abby found a pair of flip flops to switch into since her sneakers were hurting her feet. Mckenzie insisted on changing her shoes too. She found a pair of heels and just had to wear them. So, we had a skirt wearing, high heeled sporting preschooler running through the woods for a little while :)
We did group cooking for the evening meal and spent time hanging out with our friends. I did manicures for most ofl the little girls and it amazed me at how well behaved they all were when waiting for their turn! Scott did get a fire going (the wood was wet and he tried to start it without lighter fluid!!) so after putting the girls to bed, we hung out by the fire for awhile. It was was peaceful and the sky was gorgeous. I love looking up at the stars and seeing how brightly they shine when everything else around you is dark, uninterrupted by the lights of the city!

Our group of kids :)

039 Abby ricketts glen july 2012

042 ricketts glen july 2012


063 Rickett's Glen July 2012

065 Rickett's Glen July 2012

087 waterfall ricketts glen july 2012

I'm not going to look at you for a picture mom... The next photo I took, she had her hands in front of her face :)
083 Mckenzie Rickett's Glen July 2012

Wading in the stream...
077 Abby Rickett's Glen July 2012

Collecting rocks...

Throwing rocks...

Building dams...

Holding bugs!!!
097 Abby inchworm ricketts glen july 2012

The stairs we had to climb! They were ok to go up, but a little scary coming back down with the kiddos!
096 stairs to waterfall at ricketts glen july 2012

058 Abby Ricketts glen July 2012

074 Scott Mckenzie Rickett's Glen July 2012

Even Daddy wanted to throw rocks :)

170 Abby Mckenzie holding hands ricketts glen state park july 2012

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