After breakfast, we packed up our stuff and headed back to town. I love camping, but there is nothing like a hot shower and a soft bed to sleep in :) The girls had a birthday party for one of Mckenzie's friends when we got back home. It was a swimming party and I thought for sure the girls would have a blast. I was wrong. Mckenzie slipped on the pool deck and scraped up her leg so she was done swimming. Abby wanted to jump off the diving boards but in order to do so, she had to take a swimming test. The test was two full laps of the pool and two minutes treading in the water. She almost finished the first lap, but she got tired and scared and had to get pulled out of the water. Luckily, she knew when to stop and she didn't take in any water :) But, she was done swimming for the day as well. I am sure it was tough for Abby since her good friend passed the test and spent her time jumping off the diving board and Abby didn't really know any of the other kids. But, thank God for pizza and cake. The day was salvaged!! Abby even ate a cupcake that wasn't chocolate! I was shocked!

Roasting marshmallows last night!!

It's too early for pictures mom...
188 No pictures please Rickett's Glen July 2012

The troublesome fire...
190 the fire Rickett's Glen July 2012

Mckenzie and her good friend Ava

Abby ate a funfetti cupcake... It's a miracle!
Not a chocolate cupcake!

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