I can't believe I am caught up on blogging! I thought it would take me forever to get it done, but I have done it! It was much easier to motivate myself to blog when I first started. Now it seems like a chore, kind of like folding laundry. I like having folded clothes, I just wish someone else would do it for me. Maybe if we win the lottery, I can hire someone to blog for me :)

I took the girls to the library today. Abby really wanted a book on dinosaurs and they happened to be right next to the weather books, so storms and dinos it is!

I can't decide which photo of Mckenzie I like better. Scott, of course, likes the color photo, but I think I am partial to the black and white one. I'm just not sure so you have to look at both!
066 mckenzie library

069 mckenzie in library b&w

074 abby reading at library

070 mckenzie at the library

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  1. I have the same trouble with library pictures. The lines scream for black and white, but the image loses some of the "fun" aspect without the vibrant color. I always seem to do one of each, too. :)