Day 2 of VBS. Mckenzie was much happier at drop off than yesterday. Yay! Like yesterday, her favorite part was the ice pop and playing outside. Same thing for Abby. Ice pop and playing outside. I was very productive while the girls were gone. I managed to get my first run in post stress fracture!! It was tough, but I think my leg is ready to go!!! Now, just to get my mind back into gear! I keep thinking I will have all this time to myself when the girls are at camp, but between laundry and errands, there isn't much left over time.

This afternoon, Abby had a couple of friends over. I'm not too sure what they were doing, but I heard a loud noise followed by "uh oh. your mom might have heard that. We better not do it anymore." At least they stopped doing it :) Then they switched houses so the girls could go swimming. Mckenzie and I saw a rabbit across the street so I thought maybe we could sneak up on it to get a photo. Unfortunately, as we crunched across the dry grass, the rabbit saw us and took off into the trees. Mckenzie was showing me where the rabbit ran off too.

001 mckenzie

005 mckenzie

The light was really pretty and I wanted to get a photo of Mckenzie, but this was all I could get. No smiles for this grumpy gus!

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