Yuck. I woke up with some nasty sinus congestion thing today so we spent the day inside again in our PJ's. At least we were more productive than other PJ's days and read books and colored. But, there was still plenty of TV watching for the kids. Yep, I said it. I put my kids in front of the TV so I could try to get some rest. I am a lucky girl too. Scott did my grocery shopping since I didn't feel like going out. I may have to go again this week since the store was practically cleaned out of fresh fruit. I guess grocery shopping at night isn't a great idea where we shop.

Abby playing on her iPod in her tent I built for the girls. She is so particular about her tents. They have to be really dark without any holes (I am not sure she is happy with how bright this tent is, but the last time she threw a fit over how bright her tent was, I told her if she complained again, I wouldn't make her a tent again. EVER. I'm thinking she understood what I said. I try to make it dark, but we only have so many blankets to choose from!)  Strange for a girl that needs a lamp on in her room to fall asleep...

065 Abby in tent

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