We dropped the girls off at a friend's house for a sleep over and we headed to Atlantic City for the night. The girls took off running as soon as we arrived at their friends and barely gave us a good bye!

It was crazy how quiet the car was without the girls. Just last week we headed the same direction to go to the beach and every couple of minutes we heard "are we almost there?" or "I'm bored". Not today. Just silence coming from the backseat. It was kind of nice for a change :)

We stayed at the Borgata and saw Jerry Seinfeld. He was hilarious! There were a few jokes he told that had me gasping for air! I can't remember them now, (must be oxygen deprivation!), but he was so funny! Scott was laughing so hard the entire show. He loves Jerry and I am so glad he had the chance to see him!

Scott did a little poker tournament after the show and I went to the room to hang out. Really exciting I know, but it works for us :) I'm not much of a gambler and Scott likes to play a bit of poker every now and again. We had a great night and I am so glad our friends were able to watch the girls for us.

The glasswork in the hotel lobby. It is blown glass and it is absolutely amazing! This photo doesn't do it justice :(

002 borgata lobby

The fabulous view from our room! I am sure everyone out there is jealous ;-)
005 our view from the borgata

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