Friday, November 11, 2011

We spent the morning playing with Grandma Hietala. The girls were having so much fun with her. After lunch, Mom and I headed to Grand Forks to pick up Ashley, Casie, and Brylan. That drive isn't a long drive, but since we drove it on Wednesday, Thursday, and again today, I was a little tired of it. Scott took the girls on a drive to see how much the lake has risen. It is unbelievable how much land and roads have been lost to the rising water. It is truly sad. When we got home, Abby and Kenzie had a lot of fun playing with Brylan. They both tried to take care of him and keep him out of trouble. He was a little more than they could handle though, that boy has a lot of energy! Grandpa came home from work a little early and got to play with the girls. He always ends up giving horse rides over and over! Scott and I met some friends for drinks this evening. It was so great to see them and I am so happy Lisa made the drive from Fargo! We had a great evening with them.

062 Mckenie Grandpa Hietala 070 Abby Grandpa Hietala 085 Grandma Hietala Mckenzie 087 Abby Grandma Hietala 101 Grandpa Hietala, Abby, Mckenzie

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