Friday, November 18, 2011

So, I was going to be good and download all the photos from our vacation and start editing them, but for some reason I cannot find a single USB cord that fits my camera. I don't know why since there are normally a million and two stray USB cords hanging around the house, but not tonight. I am sure one will turn up when I least expect it. Mckenzie was feeling much better today. I am so glad. I feel so bad for her when she gets sick. Mckenzie had a friend over this morning and they played together nicely. Another mom and I worked it out so we could swap babysitting services so we could go to parent teacher conferences. Abby's teacher said she is doing well in class and the only thing she needs to work on is learning when to be quiet. Guess she gets her chattiness from her Dad! Oh. and she got a couple of shapes wrong. She called a rhombus a diamond. Guess that's my fault. Oops. At least when Mckenzie tests in kindergarten she stands a chance at getting it right! We met some friends for lunch. The kids had a nice time playing. On the way home, I forced asked the kids if they would like to take some fall photos in the leaves. We still have a few beautiful leaves around and I wanted to try to capture that. Needless to say, it wasn't very well received and Mckenzie was begging to go home before we even got out of the car. Nothing though that a little Halloween candy bribe couldn't fix! 157 Mckenzie 161 Abby 158 Mckenzie 162 Abby 167 Abby Mckenzie b&2 165 Mckenzie Abby 166 Abby Mckenzie b&w 180 Mckenzie 183 Abby

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