Monday, November 14, 2011

We had a quiet morning as everyone at Jenny's house had to get to work and school. We packed our stuff and headed to the airport. Grandma and Grandpa Eisenberg met us there and we had lunch together before the girls and I got on the plane. It was nice to see them one more time before leaving. The girls were sad to leave, especially since Scott was staying behind. But, they can't miss that much school and Scott loves to hunt so it was the best option for us. The girls were fantastic on the plane. I have never flown alone with both of them before so I was a bit nervous, but it worked out well. On the first flight, Abby had to sit across the aisle from Mckenzie and I. She was so good. A little disappointed she didn't get a window seat, but she only threw a tiny fit about that. She talked to the older gentleman sitting next to her and tried to lean around him to see out the window. He was kind enough to point out different things outside to her :) Mckenzie fell asleep almost right away. I tried to keep her awake, but she was pretty feisty. On the second flight, Abby was excited to get the window seat, until she realized the engine was blocking her view. She asked me if the pilot could move that out of her way! Too funny! Both girls fell asleep on the flight, making for a very smooth trip.
 008 Abby
Abby was having fun carrying the phone around on her jeans.

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