Thursday, November 17, 2011

So I kept Mckenzie home from school again today. She broke her fever in the middle of the night so I think she is on the way to feeling better! Abby had school this morning and talked me into driving her again. It is so funny how how she begged to ride the school bus at the beginning of the year and now she is begging me to drive her. I don't mind, although, I may need auto start on my car once it gets really cold out there! Both girls were a bit disappointed that we had to spend the afternoon at home. But, we made the best of it :) Abby had Daisies tonight and it is unbelievable how wild and crazy she and her little friends get when they see each other! I am glad she enjoys it as I think it will really be beneficial for her.
 132 Abby

Mckenzie drew a picture for Abby and this is the picture Abby drew in response for Mckenzie :) I love my girls :)

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