Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Both girls had Thanksgiving parties at school today. I volunteered to help in Abby's classroom since I helped in Mckenzie's class for Halloween. In Abby's class, we helped the kids make Indian headdresses and vests. Abby colored all the feathers in a pretty rainbow pattern. The kids loved the feast and it was so fun to listen to what each child was thankful for. Abby said she was thankful for all the people that put the feast together. Much nicer than the kids who were thankful for their Wii's! Abby and I made it to Mckenzie's party a little late, but we made it. I felt bad for Mckenzie though, because when we got there, she was sitting at her seat with her head hung low, not eating her food. They said she was sad that I wasn't there :( She did perk right up when she saw us and started to enjoy her day. That didn't last for long though because she was staying at school for lunch and an afternoon holiday class and she was not happy about that at all. She was crying and begging to come home with Abby and I because she was going to miss me. I felt so bad leaving her, but I knew she would be OK.  Abby and I went to get our nails done and then grabbed some lunch while Mckenzie was at school. Abby loves getting her nails painted at the salon, although you would never know it by looking at her. The entire time she is getting her nails done, she has this super serious look on her face. It isn't until her nails are dry that the smile comes back and she tells me what a great time she had. When we picked up Mckenzie from her class, I asked her teacher how things went and she said they went well once lunch time was over. Hopefully things will be easier for Mckenzie next week :) 208 Abby Thanksgiving party 244 Abby Thanksgiving party 255 Mckenzie Thanksgiving party 261 Mckenzie necklace

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