Saturday, November 26, 2011

We decorated the Christmas tree today. It was so fun to watch the girls place the ornaments on the tree. When they would find one of their own ornaments, they would get so excited and run to the tree to find the perfect spot for it. The perfect spot usually was somewhere on the lower third of the tree but every once in awhile, we would lift the girls up so they could put an ornament higher on the tree! I loved looking at the tree and knowing we all worked on it together. Scott took the girls outside to play so I could get the rest of the decorations up. We went out for dinner neither of us felt like cooking and Mckenzie has been asking to eat at Dadz.

Scott thought it would be fun for the girls to have a sleepover with each other. So we let them watch a movie in the playroom and sleep in there. They didn't settle down until almost 11pm! Abby discovered that her two front lower teeth are loose and she was so excited. I mean absolutely, over the moon, happy that she is finally going to lose a tooth. She kept repeating "I can't believe it is loose. I just felt it and it moved! I am so excited!" She has been wanting to lose a tooth for the longest time and every time one of her friends loses a tooth, she gets a little sad. So finally, she will be the one to lose a tooth.

319 abby in front of christmas tree
325 ornament

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