Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I let Abby sleep in this morning and drove her to school. It is amazing what an extra hour of sleep will do for her. We still rush around to get out the door on time. I really wish I was a morning person myself so I could get moving a little faster myself in the morning! Abby got a new seating assignment at school and she was super excited to be seated at the same table as her friend Sophia. Mckenzie had a good day at school too. They got to paint elephants for the letter E. She told me at least 10 times about painting her elephant! I love that she is excited about school this year. Abby had dance this afternoon and Mckenzie fell asleep on the way there. She is still trying to catch up on sleep after Halloween. I had a meeting for Mckenzie's preschool tonight and then a few friends and I went out for drinks. It was nice to have a night out :) 131 Mckenzie 130 Mckenzie 129 Mckenzie 128 Mckenzie b&w

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