Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mckenzie and I got to hang out together this morning while Abby was at school. Abby and her friend had a little spat on the school bus this afternoon so I had Abby draw her friend a picture and write her a note. We dropped it off at her friend's house and everything seems to be OK. They were running around and hugging on one another as soon as we got to their house. The girls and I ran to the grocery store and they were both very well behaved. Abby was very helpful in choosing the fruits and veges. I just love how she carefully inspects each piece of food and then casually dumps it into the bag. We finally made it back to church tonight. Abby enjoys singing with the Children's choir and it has been several weeks since we have attended. We really need to get back into the habit of going. These are some Christmas trees I have been working on. I saw them on Pinterest and wanted to give them a shot. I still have one more tree to make and I think they will look great together.
 036 glitter tree 037 tissue paper tree

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