We visited the National Aquarium today and I have to say, it was surprisingly very tiny. I couldn't believe how few exhibits were there. The kids didn't seem to notice though and they enjoyed checking out an albino alligator and a few fish. We walked over to the National Museum of American History. Scott and I found the exhibits to be very interesting. There was one of the first toasters ever made and a lot of old cars and motors (I can only imagine how many hours my Dad would spend in a museum like this!). The kids weren't as enthused and one of the few things they enjoyed was Star Spangled Banner (the flag that inspired the National Anthem). The kids were hungry so we grabbed a bite to eat at an outdoor vendor. Not a good idea at all considering it was super windy and very dusty. The wind blew away some of our food and our drinks were blessed with some dirt :) We headed to the National Museum of Natural History next. Both girls really enjoyed this one. There were dinosaurs and a butterfly garden and so many things to touch and see. Abby said her favorite part was all the gems and minerals they had on display (they even have the Hope Diamond). Mckenzie loved the butterfly garden best. We wanted to check out another museum, but the kids were done. We headed back to the hotel, ordered in some dinner and took the girls swimming.

090 Washington DC Aquarium

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