Mckenzie was so excited to have a friend come over to play today. Her friend, Abigail, from school rode home from class with us and got to stay for lunch. Mckenzie was in heaven. She was showing Abigail the house and all her toys. It was really cute.  I should have gotten a picture, but I didn't :( Abby had a friend over as well. I'm just going to say, that it is a good thing Abby won't be hanging out with her much anymore (she is moving). Mckenzie and her friend had been playing in Abby's room (with her permission) and had made a bit of a mess (how can Poly Pockets be anything but messy). I could tell Abby was unhappy so I asked the younger girls to come downstairs to paint a picture for me. A short time later Abby came downstairs, begging Mckenzie to come upstairs to see what Abby and her friend had down to Mckenzie's room. Abby said "It's so pretty. You have to come see it." So Mckenzie went upstairs to find her room a complete mess. She was so upset she started crying and I was furious. I asked Abby why she did it and she told me that her friend said they should mess it up because Mckenzie made a mess in Abby's room.  I could tell Abby was speaking the truth that this was not her idea. That didn't make it OK by any means and it didn't keep her out of trouble, but I was thankful it wasn't her idea. Abby went over to another friend's house for dinner and then she was off to Daisy's. It was a very busy day for her!

056 Mckenzie

060 Abby

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