We took the girls swimming after breakfast. It was much less crowded but still just as cold. I hope these kids know how much we love them because I most surely could have done without swimming! We drove to the National Zoo before heading out of town. We almost didn't get a parking spot. We took the last space in the last lot available which wasn't really even a space, but the kind parking attendant let us drive into the grass and make one. The zoo was nice and the girls loved seeing all the animals. It was kind of sad that the zoo had a better sealife display than the aquarium we visited the other day. We left for home afterwards and the traffic wasn't nearly as nice as on the drive in. We were in traffic from DC to the outskirts of Baltimore! Yuck! Mckenzie fell asleep in the car and Abby was happy to watch movies and sing songs. I love that she loves listening to some of our music. She belts out the words (or whatever words she thinks is being sung) with a big smile on her face and a gleam in her eyes. Just watching her sing makes me smile :) Mckenzie was sad to be headed home and about 10 minutes from our house, she asked if we could go back to the hotel instead of going home. But, the promise of seeing Dakota tomorrow made her happy to be home.

101 Washington DC Zoo

103 Washington DC Zoo

118 mckenzie

120 Abby

126 Washington DC zoo

132 Mckenzie Scott Abby

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