Today has to be one of the least stressful mornings we have had in a long time. Both girls were super cooperative with getting ready for school and we made it out the door a few minutes earlier than normal. A huge success in my book! I ran while the girls were at school and it was actually a really good run. I did 4 miles in 53 minutes. I am sure that sounds super slow to most people, but for me, it is a big accomplishment. I actually felt good afterwards and I also felt like I could have kept on running. I had to stop or I would have been late to get Mckenzie from school. The girls and I ran errands this afternoon and then it was off to swim class for Abby. We got to chat with Scott for a bit this evening. I think he was pretty tired, but he was sweet enough to stay up a little later just to talk to us.

These are some really tasty Rolo Cake bars I found on Cookies and Cupcakes. Abby and I both thought they were delicious. Mckenzie refused to try them. That girl is so silly. She can eat candy all day long, but put it in a cake bar and she won't even touch it!

005 rolo bars

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