Oh my goodness. Mckenzie was up so much last night. She was dreaming and talking in her sleep. Between Scott and myself, I think we were up at least a dozen times before we brought her to our bed. I really don't like doing that, but she slept so much better, hence we slept better. And the girls must be wearing off on me. They walk around saying oh my goodness or OMG all day long. It is hilarious to listen to them. Sometimes I swear they are much older than they really are! If they talk like this now, what will they sound like in 5 years?! We ran some errands this afternoon and we picked up a big girl bike for Mckenzie. She is getting too big for her trike and we decided to move her to the next stage. It seems so sad to think our girls are past the age of trikes. They are growing up way too fast for me. Mckenzie loves her new bike and took off on it like she had been riding for years! It took no time at all for her to ride fast enough for me to jog alongside her to keep up. She told me that she wanted to ride bike all night long. Mckenzie kept thanking us for her new bike and telling us how much she loved it. I love making our girls happy :) Abby played outside for a little while, but decided there were too many bees and asked to go inside to play Wii.

012 mckenzie new bike

018 mckenzie shadow on bike

019 mckenzie new bike

023 Mckenzie color

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