It was a long night around here. M came down with a stomach bug so between getting her back to sleep and washing linens, it was a busy night. M looked so sad and miserable. I just hate it when the girls are sick. But, she woke up and is on the mend. She should be able to go to school tomorrow.

Abby found a camera that we had gotten for her a few years back and was more than excited to shoot a few photos. She was trying to take photos of the dog and of Mckenzie and I kept hearing things like "I will give you a toy if you take this picture" and "hold still" and "over here. The light is better." I was flipping through the photos on her camera and they went all the way back to Christmas of 2009. We had just left OK and we were visiting the families before heading out here. Abby was almost 4 and Kenzie was almost a year and a half. Most of the pics were blurry, but there were a few I could make out. I don't know how many photos she took of the TV screen in the car. There must have been at least 50! It was so fun to see life through a child's eyes. I felt like I had a window into what she found important.

002 Abby

004 Mckenzie

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