002 ballet shoes

Mckenzie loves it when I let her wear her dance shoes in the house. She walks around on her tiptoes and dances away. I am so happy she has found something she really enjoys :)

Mckenzie was "Star of the Week" at preschool this week and I had the chance to be in her class today. She was so proud to be both the Star and leader (you get to be leader when your mom is in the classroom with you). We made a poster board and filled it with pictures of her family and friends and her favorite things. She had the opportunity to stand in front of her classmates and describe her poster to them. She was a bit shy and kept her back to her friends, facing only the poster board or looking at her teacher. The she asked if anyone had questions or comments and I could tell it was difficult for her to decide which of her classmates to call on first. So, she was pretty diplomatic about it and went around the circle :)

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