Mckenzie had swim lessons today and Abby was thrilled that she got to go with to watch her little sister swim. Mckenzie is in love with the water and it blows my mind how eager she is to jump right in every week. We headed to Target after class and we ran into one of Mckenzie's classmates from swimming. Those two little girls squealed with delight when they saw one another and acted as though they hadn't seen each other in weeks! Since it was lunch time and we had nothing else to do, I took the girls to Chick fil A for lunch and play time. As always, Abby made new friends for her and Mckenzie and they played forever before begging for some ice cream. They always want to trade in their toy for ice cream and when I agree, they drool in anticipation until the ice cream hits their tongues. 022 dandelion

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