Today was the girls' first dance recital and oh my goodness was it adorable! They both did a great job (of course I am not biased at all) and I am so proud of them! Mckenzie's class was the second group to perform. She had a smile on her face the entire time and she rocked the dance! I don't think there were even two dancers doing the same thing at the same time, but it was so cute! You could tell Mckenzie was watching her instructors on the side of the stage and waiting to see what move came next. I'm not sure if it was the best part of the performance, but I am pretty sure it was the funniest. The little ones turned their backs to the audience and bowed. Wouldn't ya know it, but Mckenzie had the biggest wedgie and her tushie was showing! Both Scott and I were laughing so hard we were crying! The rest of the audience got a kick out of it too!

132 mckenzie dance

Abby's performance was great too! She really knew her moves and was very into the dance! She even smiled for most of the performance (she usually gets a very serious look on her face because she is concentrating so hard)! She is very methodical about dancing and wants to make sure she does exactly what she is supposed to do.

136 Abby dance

I am so proud of both our girls and I could see the pride in their faces which makes me so happy! One thing I want in life for my girls is to have a strong self worth and to take pride in their accomplishments. I hope they continue on the path they are on!

We took the girls out for dinner and ice cream to celebrate. It was such a fun day!!!

Scott just went to check on Mckenzie because she was talking in her sleep. What she said was so funny! "I want a surprise because I'm not gonna smoke!" (We had been talking about how back smoking is at dinner) She seemed like she was half awake since she was smiling at Scott as she said it. That little girl is quite the talker in her sleep. There was another night that she shouted "I want a SPRIIITE with my McDonald's!!!" She make me smile :)

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