We toured Boston today, starting off with the Old North Church along the Freedom Trail. The church is beautiful and still in good condition. There is still church services held there every Sunday. It doesn't have rows of pews like churches today. Instead, it has open boxes with a bench inside each one. Families each purchased a box. I was curious about the reason behind having boxes inside of rows of pews and the curator informed me it was done that way because in the winter, families brought heaters with to put inside their box to stay warm. There was no need for heaters today as it was hot outside. Luckily, we happened upon a public spray park and we let the kids play for awhile. We told them not to get too wet (haha. Jokes on us!) but they were drenched within minutes! So, Scott stayed with the girls while I went in search of a store to get them girls some dry clothes. We wandered over to the Quincy Market for lunch and Scott got roped into a street performer's act. He was a juggler and he needed volunteers to hold a rope so he could stand on the rope while juggling. Scott begrudgingly participated. You could tell he was hot and just wanted to get inside to eat lunch. The girls enjoyed watching the show though :) The next place we visited was the Boston Common. It is a beautiful park. Abby didn't enjoy it much though as she saw a squirrel and decided she wanted to leave. (In her defense, she has seen the show with Billy the Exterminator where he is called to a home with a bunch of mean squirrels.) We stopped on over at the Cheer's Pub for a quick beer (never thought I would be sitting my girls on a barstool at such a young age) before we went to a Boston Red Sox game. Mckenzie fell asleep on the way there and since we didn't bring the stroller, it was a little warm carrying her around! Since we had been outside all day long, Scott and I bought shirts and changed before going into the game. I can't imagine what the people sitting near us would have thought of us if we hadn't! This was Mckenzie's first major league baseball game and she was as interested in it as we thought she would be :) Thank God for games on the iPhone! Abby was pretty interested in the game and she liked cheering for the B's as she called them. She kept asking if the B's (Boston Red Sox) were beating the M's (Florida Marlins.) and then she would go back to her game on the phone. When the Red Sox scored, both girls would wave their number one fan gloves and get all excited. We left at the bottom of the 7th. The Red Sox were losing, but they came back to win. It would have been fun to stay, but as it was, the Subway was PACKED! We were lucky to get seats. The girls started chatting up a storm with a lady standing next to us. She was so sweet and carried on a conversation with them for the entire ride! At one point, Abby asked her if she was a movie star because she was so pretty! It was a long day, but we really enjoyed our visit of Boston.

262 Old North Church

281 Old North Church

299 Paul Revere and Old North Church

294 boston

301 Abby

288 mckenzie

256 boston

316 Abby Mckenzie water

329 Quincy Market

344 scott

357 Boston Common

374 fenway park

381 Scott Abby mckenzie at Fenway

383 Fenway park

391 Abby at Fenway

393 Scott at Fenway park

395 Fenway Park

392 Mckenzie at Fenway park


  1. Oh, Barb. I just keep scrolling back to that water fountain photo. It's stunning! The spray and the droplets falling over the edge. . . just beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much! It was one of my favs too!