Scott got home early tonight so we headed out to Olive Garden for dinner. I think it is one of the kids' favorite places to eat. Mckenzie fell asleep about five minutes before we got there and didn't even wake up when Scott got her out of the car! She must have been so tired!

I really need to get some sort of organization system for all of our paperwork. (I always blame it on not having an office, but I'm pretty sure I have never had great organizational skills so that cannot be the real reason. I need to hire one of those people that come to your house and show you how to organize your stuff! ) We are planning a trip to Niagara Falls, Canada and I couldn't find our passports or Abby's birth certificate! Luckily, after a lot of searching, we managed to find everything we need for our vacation. I am looking forward to spending some time away and I am sure Scott feels the same!

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