We drove to Niagara Falls, Ontario for a short vacation. The girls did well in the car with the help of a few new movies (gotta love $5 movies!) and plenty of stops. Once we got settled into our hotel room, we took a walk to the Falls. They were absolutely breathtaking, or as Mckenzie said "They are cooler than ice cream!" After seeing the Falls, we stopped for dinner on our way back to our hotel. The girls wanted to go swimming, but we talked them into heading to the Falls again so we could see them at night. The light show was fun to see but it couldn't hold the girls' attention for too long so we headed back for a swim.

018 Niagara Falls

039 Niagara Falls rainbow

070Niagara Falls

105 Niagara Falls

110 Skylon tower Niagara Falls

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  1. I love the misty light in the image with the lamp post. Gorgeous color and composition.