The girls went to a birthday party for a friend today. It was a swimming party and the girls were beyond excited to go. The water was too cold for Mckenzie though and she opted to play on the swingset and in the sandbox instead. Abby didn't care how cold the water was, she was in it for the long haul. She didn't even want to get out to eat cake and once she saw the cake was vanilla, she was even more upset that I made her get out! She only likes chocolate so it is rare that she gets to eat cake at other children's parties since most of her friends like vanilla. Mckenzie was beyond upset when I said it was time to leave. She was sobbing so hard and I felt horrible for her. I remember Abby going through this stage with her friends. It seems like she just got over it and now we are doing it with Mckenzie. She did settle down once we were in the car but I could tell she was still sad. My friend took the girls to dance with her while I ran a meal to a military family that just had a new baby. Then girls' friends came over after dance while their mom ran an errand. Abby and Mckenzie were excited to have their friends over for dinner. 371 Boston church near Boston common A church in near the Bostn Common

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