Our good friends took the girls to Storybook Land today. It was for Mckenzie's class trip. Every year the kids go there and they have such a good time. Scott wasn't able to take the time off of work and my leg wasn't up to going. I feel horrible that I couldn't take them myself, but I am so glad we have such amazing friends to help us out!

The girls had a blast! Abby told me she rode the roller coaster at least five times and Mckenzie enjoyed that one too! Mckenzie told me she didn't like the Turtle shell ride (Tilt a whirl). Guess she is like her mom :) They didn't get home until late afternoon, stopping for dinner along the way. All of the girls fell asleep on the way home, although Abby held out until the very end. She isn't much of a car sleeper anymore. Mckenzie had no problem napping, but that made it tough for her to fall asleep at bedtime. If she sleeps for even 10 minutes, she struggles to fall asleep at bedtime.

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