Mckenzie and I went into Abby's classroom today for her Child of the Week event. Let me tell ya, it was a long walk on crutches all the way to her classroom and I was feeling like an old lady by the time we got back there! But, it was well worth it because Abby was beyond excited to have us in her class! She got to show off the posters that we made and answers questions about herself that her classmates asked. Then Abby read the book 'Ten Apples Up On Top' By Dr. Seuss. She did a great job and I am so proud that she has become a reader!!!! Mckenzie and I stayed for snack (we brought chocolate Oreo cupcakes) and then it was time for us to leave.  It was a really fun morning and I love the idea of celebrating each child this way.

Mckenzie and I went to her swim class. Her teacher gave out the end of the session evaluations and Mckenzie didn't progress to the next level. Apparently they say each child should take a class 3-6 times. Seems a little silly to me. I don't think we are going to enroll the kids over the summer. They will get enough swimming in over at their friend's house.

Abby bounded off the bus this afternoon. She had Teddy in her hands and a huge smile on her face. She has been looking forward to having Teddy visit and today was finally the day. Teddy is a bear that goes home with the Child of the Week. He came with his own book, clothes and a journal to write about his weekend with. Abby had to introduce Teddy to chicken wings for lunch (her favorite food) and she changed his clothes a million times before setting up a photo shoot with her stuffed animals.

We went to Pei Wei for dinner, and yes, Teddy came with. Mckenzie had to bring a stuffed animal too so our booth was quite full :)

125 Abby and Teddy

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