Today was Abby's last day of kindergarten :( I am sad and I can't believe this fall she will be in school all day. I am going to miss spending so much time with her. I know there have been days when I have thought I couldn't wait until she was in school full time. Now that it is fast approaching, I can't help but wish it wasn't coming so soon.

When I asked Abby about her day, the thing she was most excited about was getting to play outside. They normally don't get to do that so it was a special treat for sure!

Mckenzie's friend Ava came over to play this morning. Mckenzie was over the moon that she had a play date.
Scott left on a short trip early this morning so it was just the girls and I tonight. So, I decided to make it a movie night and we ate dinner and popcorn while watching Despicable Me. Cute show and the girls really enjoyed staying up late.

074 Abby last day of kindergarten

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