The girls and I made our first trip to the library for the summer. Abby has gotten much more efficient at picking out her books. As soon as she had her three books, she found a table and sat down to read them. It amazes me to see the change in her after checking out books at school all year long. Mckenzie seemed pretty disinterested in picking out her own books. She sat down at the table with Abby and “read” the books Abby had chosen while I picked out a few for her. We ran to Target before heading home. I went to set up the pool for the girls but I discovered the plugs were missing so all the air leaked out. So, we made a quick trip to Wal-Mart to get a new pool. The girls were talking to each other while we were driving to the store. I overheard Abby say to Mckenzie “You know what the worst part is Mckenzie? We have to go to THE WALMART.  The Wal-Mart.”  I guess my love for the store has rubbed off on my girls! But, they had what we needed and we were back home and swimming in our new pool before too long. The water was frigid but the girls were having fun. After I got in, I realized how darn cold it really was and decided to be a nice mom and put some hot water in the pool.

004 Mckenzie

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