Mckenzie went to a friend's house to play this morning. She had a huge smile on her face the entire drive and kept asking if we were there yet :)

Abby's end of the year party at school was today. I am so glad it was the last party because I am tired of trying to get people to work the parties and supply goodies. The benefit of having so few parents involved is that I get to be at the party. It was a great time! We made autograph books for the kids to have their friends sign as a way to remember their classmates. Some of the kids finished up faster than others, so Abby organized an impromptu game of ring around the rosie. All the kids eventually joined in! Some days I look at Abby and think she is so big and then I see her playing such a young game and I am reminded she really is still little!
On a side note, I found a camera that we have been missing for 2.5 years! We had it when we made the move from Florida to Oklahoma to here, but since we arrived here, it has been missing! It was in our closet tucked away in a purse I no longer use. I am going to have to blame this one on Scott since he gave me a new purse when we were living in temporary lodging when we first got here. Just kidding babe!

072 Abby class pic

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