Today was a very looooong day in the car. What should have taken 5-6 hours took 10 hours! Traffic was horrible and there was a point we were stuck in traffic, inching along for two hours!!! Scott picked up a new movie at a gas station for the girls and that was a big mistake too. It was about a lost dog that looked like Dakota and Abby was so upset, she was crying for a good portion of the movie. She didn't want to turn it off though because she needed to make sure the dog ended up safe. When it was over, she told us she was never watching that show again! Poor kid! Thankfully Mckenzie got bored of the show early on and stopped watching. We did do a little sightseeing on the way home. We stopped by a lighthouse in Rhode Island (thank you GPS for giving us bad directions. A little out of the way, but worth it!) And, we stopped in Mystic, Connecticut for lunch. We drove by the Mystic Pizza Restaurant (the one the movie was filmed at) but we didn't stop. There was construction in the area so I took a photo from the car as Scott drove as slow as he could! When we finally made it home, the house was hotter than heck. I went to adjust the thermostat and the air conditioning wouldn't kick in. Then it started smelling like burnt toast and we shut if off for the night. Scott checked it out and the air filter had burn marks on it. We called a repair service and they said they would be out tomorrow. Luckily it is raining to cool the house down. What a way to celebrate Scott's birthday! Happy birthday babe! We love you :)
399 Rhode Island Lighthouse

402 Rhode Island Shoreline

406 Rhode Island shoreline

408 Rhode Island shoreline

411 Mystic Pizza Sign

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