Friday, July 29, 2011

What a long day! Mckenzie woke up at 4:41 this morning and decided she was hungry. Thankfully she went back to sleep around 6. We went to a squadron picnic on base for lunch today. The girls had a blast playing on a slip n slide and in the bounce house. I didn't have quite as much fun as it was super warm/humid out there today and I wasn't about to play on the slip n slide with the girls to cool off :) The Phillies mascot showed up and Abby had fun chasing him around. Mckenzie was scared to death of him and buried herself in my arms whenever the mascot got close :) Both girls enjoyed watching people get dunked in the dunk tank and a guy take a pie to the face. I enjoyed the cool air conditioning of the car on the way home :) And Scott, if you read this, this doesn't mean I want to live anywhere cold just because I am complaining about the heat, it just means I was away from the comfort of my air conditioning too long ;-) ! We went swimming at our friend's house to cool off after the picnic. Makes me wish we had a pool! Mckenzie just about fell asleep after we got back home. So, I broke the rules a little and gave the girls dessert before dinner so she would stay awake! She is fast asleep in bed now, but Abby is still wide awake. We had quite the rain storm roll through about an hour ago and she is worried about the lights going out. I am surprised we didn't lose power as the wind was so strong it looked like it was raining sideways! Abby keeps telling me Lambie is giving her troubles about going to sleep because Lambie is hogging the bed and wants Abby to sleep on the floor. Abby is coming out of her room every 5 minutes to tattle on Lambie. I may just end up sleeping in there if she keeps this up!



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