Monday, July 25, 2011

We met some friends for lunch at Chick fil A today. Abby hasn't seen her friend much this summer so she was very happy to spend a little time with her today. We stopped by Borders bookstore on the way home. It is going out of business so I thought I could score some goodies. No real bargains yet (only 10% discount on children's books) but I did pick up some books as rewards for the girls. I like having bribes readily available :) I made some super yummy chicken tortilla cheese soup for dinner (minus the cockroach that made it's way into the crock pot when I made it a couple of years ago in Oklahoma)!

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  1. And our friendship has survived th distance too :) there are a handful of people from each town I've lived in that I'm proud to have ass;) friends. You are one of them! Love ya girl!


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